Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zapper can help for preventing Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease , which short name and popular by the name in sub continent TB. The main cause
of the disease is mycobacterium. When a person affected by the disease , then it first affect to lungs. The main symptom of the disease is bloody cough, physical weakness, sweats in night time, chronic fever, weight decrease day by day.
Usually this disease spread through the air , when Tuberculosis affected person through cough in open place that moment TB germ rapidly spread to the another person. This disease can also transmit to the air by the sneeze.
TB firstly affected to lungs , when it reached to chronic stage , it affect to central nervous system.
 Some potential treatment can prevent the disease.

BCG vaccine is common vaccine for preventing tuberculosis. But the vaccine can protect only children which age is under 16 years.

Always eat nutritious food and wear a mask whenever exposure is possible. For keeping our physical condition fresh water is very important. While this zapper can help with water purification, it may also have benefit for killing microbes in the human body. Additional studies are needed. ParaZapper can eliminate bacteria from water with 1 hours usage.
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