Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Parazapper can Help for Diarrhea

In Bangladesh, every year many poor children are affected by Diarrhea. A NGO  publish their collected survey data. Every year rural children are affected by diarrhea 4.5 times and 230000 children die, where 8287 children are under five years.
Recently some years this condition has changed cause most poor people are aware of the disease and their economic condition has developed.
Govt. and some NGO are working on this field. For improve awareness about Diarrhea already added diarrhea topic with text book and NGO giving training voluntarily.

Diarrhea infection has some cause.  Different types ages people affected by the disease different virus. Children are mostly affected by the rotavirus, which age is under 5 years. Adult are affected by the astroviruses. Virus and bacteria both are responsible for the disease.

Rotavirus vaccine can decrease the rates of diarrhea in people. Proper hand washing and fresh food is effective for prevention of diarrhea.
David Etheredge has innovated a LVPEF device that kills many microbes in water, which is called ParaZapper. It can eliminate virus and bacteria from water within 2 hours.
I was found effective news on that site. There has lot of information about ParaZapper device.
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