Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is the Ultimate Zapper?

There are many different versions and brands of parasite zappers on the market today. Two popular brands are fighting a war of words. One ultimatezapper has made changes to the appearance of their product over the years but has not kept up with technology. The other, ParaZapper UZI-3, uses the latest technological improvements to get superior results that the ultimate cannot achieve.

Ultimate Zapper is called by its maker, the world's most powerful Zapper. Actually, it is not. Dr. Hulda Clark, who invented the parasite zapper, inspired for invention the ultimate zapper which is modified by removing some important parts. It can play a vital role for helping break the chain of pathology by killing some pathogens.

According to this Zapper’s Manual:

Anyone can easily use this device. Just need to flip the switch and within 14 seconds it will be start. According to the seller, this Zapper is so effective because, within 1 to 5 minutes it can produce amazing result. In reality, most zappers can do this but improved effectiveness can be achieved with longer time of usage. It has been microscopically shown that a minimum of seven minutes is required to effectively eliminate 99 percent of a bacterial species or of a protozoal species through zapping. It is a common method of swaying customers by saying ours works faster or ours is the most powerful.

How Ultimate Zapper can help us:

Ultimate Zapper can eliminate some micro organisms as these are all caused by viruses, it is claimed to be highly effective for parasite and bacterial infections. However, because the Ultimate Zapper has only one single base frequency, it is very limited in its overall capacity.

For Example, the Ultimate Zapper is not able to clear all microbes from contaminated water that the ParaZapper UZI-3 can. This is because the ParaZapperUZI-3 has used all of the latest technological advances to improve results. These technological advances include multiple frequencies and multiple modes as well as an improved output.

While the ultimate zapper may have been the best of its day, that technology is almost 20 years old and leaves a lot out when compared to today’s multi-frequency, multi-mode ParaZappers, even the cheaper ones.

There is also additional information about zappers and zapping at http://paradevices.com