Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is the Ultimate Zapper?

There are many different versions and brands of parasite zappers on the market today. Two popular brands are fighting a war of words. One ultimatezapper has made changes to the appearance of their product over the years but has not kept up with technology. The other, ParaZapper UZI-3, uses the latest technological improvements to get superior results that the ultimate cannot achieve.

Ultimate Zapper is called by its maker, the world's most powerful Zapper. Actually, it is not. Dr. Hulda Clark, who invented the parasite zapper, inspired for invention the ultimate zapper which is modified by removing some important parts. It can play a vital role for helping break the chain of pathology by killing some pathogens.

According to this Zapper’s Manual:

Anyone can easily use this device. Just need to flip the switch and within 14 seconds it will be start. According to the seller, this Zapper is so effective because, within 1 to 5 minutes it can produce amazing result. In reality, most zappers can do this but improved effectiveness can be achieved with longer time of usage. It has been microscopically shown that a minimum of seven minutes is required to effectively eliminate 99 percent of a bacterial species or of a protozoal species through zapping. It is a common method of swaying customers by saying ours works faster or ours is the most powerful.

How Ultimate Zapper can help us:

Ultimate Zapper can eliminate some micro organisms as these are all caused by viruses, it is claimed to be highly effective for parasite and bacterial infections. However, because the Ultimate Zapper has only one single base frequency, it is very limited in its overall capacity.

For Example, the Ultimate Zapper is not able to clear all microbes from contaminated water that the ParaZapper UZI-3 can. This is because the ParaZapperUZI-3 has used all of the latest technological advances to improve results. These technological advances include multiple frequencies and multiple modes as well as an improved output.

While the ultimate zapper may have been the best of its day, that technology is almost 20 years old and leaves a lot out when compared to today’s multi-frequency, multi-mode ParaZappers, even the cheaper ones.

There is also additional information about zappers and zapping at http://paradevices.com

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Parazapper can help Giardiasis prevention

Giardiasis is a waterborne disease, which transmitted to human body by water. The name of  germ is  Giardia lamblia. Every 2-3 thousands tourist all over the world affected by this disease, especially in sea beach area.
This disease is mainly two forms , one is inactive and another is active. Trophozoite is active form. If anyone affected by the trophozoite form , then start giardiasis symptoms. Usually this disease affected to a man from recreational water, like as water kingdom/ parks, swimming pools. 
Giardiasis usually start 5-9 days later, after affecting infection. There are some symptoms of this disease are

  • Feeling sick.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Bloating.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Dehydration.
If anyone delay , for treating this disease, then it can persist for long time. Small number of people faces this disease for their late treatment.

Prevention Way:
If someone drank too much of that water, it could give them copper poison.

See: http://paradevices.com as that site has over 100 pages of related topics and also sells a book that can be very helpful.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cyclospora Disease Affiliation Probability has Every Tourist

Cyclospora is a waterborne disease. Which caused by genus of apicomplexan parasites.
Usually tourist are affected by this disease using contaminate water. This disease increase every year in tourism season (January to March) especially in Thailand and  Malaysia.

The main Symptoms of this Disease are:
Extent of the disease totally depends of patient age and physical condition. Some symptoms may include fatigue, watery diarrhea, abdominal blooding etc.

 How can we recognize the disease?
The main identification way of this disease is stool test, Where has protozoan microscopic detection system.

Way of Prevention:
Since this disease affect a person, by contaminate water. So if that person should drink fresh water , it would be better.

When tourist are go to visit tropical region there water supply system is not so good. If they use Zapper device , which is called Parazapper can eliminate germ and parasite from water within 1 hour.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Parazapper may effective for nausea disease prevention

      January to March is called tourism season. In this time more tourist are visit Asian
subcontinent region. Especially Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are famous for tourism places. Since this region is tropical and there water is not so good, that's why when outer tourists come here there is probability of nausea affliction. 

The main causes of this condition are:
  • Weather change.
  • Scarcity of pure drinking water.
  • Anxiety and mental stress.
  • Eating disorder for overeating.
  • Food poisoning problem.
  • Allergy.

 Some symptoms of this disease are:
  •  Feeling sickness and vomiting.
  • Excessive heartbeat and salivation.
  • Headache.
  • Gastroenteritis. 

How can we prevent nausea:

Since this disease affection reason is mainly food and water related, everybody should need to take pure, clean food and water.
While a Zapper such as Parazapper can provide fresh water within few minutes by killing many infectious microbes, it is not intended for that purpose. However, since this device can kill many microbes in a short time, users may find benefit in this easy to use portable device. Some resorts and spas will try to keep one of these on hand for customers in need to use but having your own may be better. If there is a long waiting line, you will be happy that you have your own.

For those who want to know about this device and purchase it then seeing the links below will really be helpful.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Parazapper May Help Prevent Amoebiasis

Protozoan Entamoeba Histolytica is responsible for Amoebiasis disease. When a man affected by this
disease then patient so many times get extra intestinal problem and dysentery. In Bangladesh majority percent people are affected this disease by water, food, reservoir etc.
When it reach to epidemic condition, that moment its cure is very difficult. A health journal publish a report, worldwide every year 41,000-95,000 people die by amoebiasis. 
 Amoebiasis Condition in Bangladesh:
Bangladeshi health institute published an 85 hospital survey report about amebiasis. Majority percent people are affected by hystolytica entamoeba , which is responsible for bloody stool making. Postmortem reports disclose that for every 100 bloody diarrhea deaths, for 21 patient deaths the reason is ameobiasis. Children(age 8-12) and older(age 60 up people are more affected by the disease more than young people. For Children the affecting rate is 29% and the adult affecting rate is 11%.
Way of Prevention:
  •  Regularly keep bathroom neat and clean.
  • Avoid using public towel.
  • Always use soap before eating and after toilet.
  • Try to drink boil water.
Ameobiasis germ can transmit to human by water. That's why pure water is essential. Zapper is a device which is consider as ParaZapper can eliminate germ from water within few minutes but is not intended for drinking water. For getting more information about zapper device this site will really helpful.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

H1N1 in Bangladesh & How can Parazapper can help for prevention

H1N1 virus was first identified in Bangladesh , June 2009. It is a subtype of influenza virus. This type of virus
has transmitted to human body by birds and pigs. In 2004- 2005 this disease affection rate was small number but 2009 it reached to endemic condition.
Bangladeshi health department publish the report in 2010 of March 840 people was admit to hospital and 6 people was dead. At the moment UNICEF support Bangladesh. After getting UNICEF collaboration Bangladesh broadly start publishing consciousness about H1N1 virus.
Some non government organization participate this campaign. They use mass media, through local newspaper, TV channel, FM radio etc. Different mobile also participate this campaign. They sent SMS their subscriber about H1N1.

Way of Prevention:
Basically this virus can transmit on to another by air, water, and through a cough. Since this disease can transmit to another by water. Zappers such as ParaZapper can kill virus or bacteria from water within 1 hour. Due to the idea that ParaZapper can kill germs from water in as little as 1 hour, if it also killed the virus in the human body, this might be a good defense against H1N1 and other influenza virus. There are many reports of success with this on the internet but more studies should be done.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Cardiovascular Disease in Bangladesh & How Zapper can prevent it

Cardiovascular Disease in Bangladesh & How Zapper can prevent it

Cardiovascular disease is mostly related with our vessel and heart. This disease is also called heart disease. Majority percent people identify this disease at the last of the moment. When Disease reaches to atherosclerosis, the condition then gradually blocks arteries. Finally it affects total cardiovascular system.

Different types of cardiovascular disease are:
  •  Heat failure.
  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Failure at the right side of the heart( Cor pulmonale)
  • Heart valve problem.
 Main Reason:
 Smoking and diabetes is mainly responsible for the problem. But high blood pressure, age, hyperglycemia, obesity, lack of physical exercise, excessive fatty food eating is also responsible for this problem.

Heart Disease condition in Bangladesh:
Cardiovascular disease affection rate are increasing day by day. Cause majority percent people don't care about diet controlling and unconscious about physical fitness.
 World health organization published latest data in April 2011, Heart disease reached 17.11%. Death rate is 203 per 100000 population. Bangladesh rank is 25 in the world.
When a person starts drinking pure water then automatically it prevents different types of disease. So, indirectly fresh water helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.
One factor that is now reported to increase cardiac problems is inflammation from dental infection.
The potential use of devices such as ParaZapper for dental infections may have benefit in the reduction of cardiac failure. It is amazing that ParaZapper can kill germs from water in as little as 1 hour.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

How Zapper can help to Plague affected people

How Zapper can help Plague affected people
Alexandre Yersin first discovered the plague disease bacteria. For this reason this bacteria is called Yersinia pestis. According to a WHO news release, the plague is one of the three most common epidemic diseases in Bangladesh. By different types of via plague bacteria transmit to human body. Such as undercooked food, air, animal bite. The main cause of plague in Bangladesh is wild rats which carry the plague bacteria.
Recently this disease has spread out to china by rat. WHO published that Bangladesh is taking immediate steps to prevent the disease. However, the plague is rapidly increasing in China, especially Qinghai province near Ziketan Town. Four people have died in that town.
Plague bacteria can easily transmit human to human by coughing according to WHO. IEDCR director said plague can quickly turn into epidemic form. This bacteria directly infects the glands.

Everyone need to drink fresh water for prevent and eliminate the disease. While a zapper such as Hulda Clark Zapper can help to make fresh water within 1 hour, it is not sold for that purpose. It is good at killing many microbes such as bacteria and may be of value in stopping Yersinia pestis.

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